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Residential Landscaping

Our top-tier residential landscaping team at Wild Magnolia Landscaping can bring artistry and craftsmanship to your outdoor space.

If you own a home or other private residential property in the Houston, TX area, you probably know how much your landscaping can contribute to your curb appeal, and ultimately your property value. However, deciding what plants and soil are best for our area and then how to incorporate that into a professional design, can be an overwhelming task.

At Wild Magnolia Landscaping we have the skills and expertise to provide quality residential landscaping and take the responsibility out of your hands. We’ll put our craftsmanship to work to create and implement a landscape design that suits your home’s style, meets your budget, and optimizes your outdoor space. A home’s landscaping typically encompasses its entire outdoor space; it should utilize plants and flowers functionally, and incorporate hardscapes and water features into an expertly crafted landscape design.

Wild Magnolia Landscaping has extensive experience providing professional landscaping services for homeowners across the Greater Houston area. Our team has the training and resources necessary to create artistic landscaping designs for our customers with beauty, functionality, and longevity in mind.

If your business needs Residential Landscaping done by professionals, contact Wild Magnolia today at (281) 328-4380.

Residential Landscaping Services We Offer

At Wild Magnolia Landscaping, we have the skills, supplies, and expertise to handle any professional landscaping projects your home might need.

A few of our specific services include:

Landscape Design

Land grading is a job that requires professional expertise and experience. If your front yard or backyard is uneven, we’ll use our leveling tools and grading skills to create a smooth, even surface.

Plant Installation

We’ll evaluate your outdoor conditions, discuss your landscaping vision, and choose live plants that suit your needs as a homeowner.

Soil & Grading

Land grading is a job that requires professional expertise and experience. If your front yard or backyard is uneven, we’ll use our leveling tools and grading skills to create a smooth, even surface.

Sod Installation

If you’re looking for a fast, effective way to achieve a beautiful lawn, sod installation may be the perfect solution.

Irrigation & Drainage

Our irrigation and drainage services will ensure that your plants and lawn receive the perfect amount of water without risking flooding.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an excellent solution to prevent flooding and sinkholes, reduce maintenance on extreme slopes, and keep your soil secure.

Landscape Lighting

Adding attractive mood lighting to your outdoor space can encourage your family members and visitors to continue spending time outside after dark while increasing your property’s safety.


Implementing stone walkways and fixtures throughout your outdoor space can improve the functionality of your yard area and elevate curb appeal.

Water Features

If you’re looking for a way to take your outdoor area to the next level, including a water feature such as a Koi pond or a fountain can step up your landscaping game.

While we are great as gardeners, our landscape services involve much more than planting flowers and shrubs! This list of services only touches the surface of the range of professional landscaping services we provide.

Contact us today for more information about a specific landscape design you have in mind.

What Can Professional Landscaping Do for My Home?

Professional landscaping can provide a range of advantages for your home:

Residential Landscaping
  • Improve curb appeal

    First impressions matter! When neighbors drive past or guests enter your property, the first thing they see is your landscaping. It is a reflection of the care that you put into your home.

  • Increase property value

    If you’re looking to sell your home anytime soon, having professional, attractive landscaping can set your home apart and increase your property value! Likewise, unorganized and unkempt landscaping can decrease your property value and lead buyers to feel the home is not well maintained.

  • Maximize outdoor space

    Your outdoor space can be just as much a part of your living area as your physical home. Why not take advantage of this space by creating comfortable, functional outdoor living areas that encourage your family members to spend time outdoors.

  • Prevent erosion

    Professional landscaping is not only attractive and aesthetically pleasing. but may also be necessary to preserve your property’s integrity. Installing retaining walls, for example, can help prevent erosion that could threaten your foundation and promote flooding.

  • Save you time

    By placing your landscaping in the hands of professionals, you can dedicate your time to other tasks and ensure a professional-quality finish on your landscape.

Your Full-Service

Residential Landscaping Company

If you live in the Greater Houston area, make Wild Magnolia Landscaping your choice for all of your residential landscaping needs.

Our team of highly educated and creative professionals is ready to help you bring your landscaping dreams to life!

Contact us at Wild Magnolia Landscaping at (281) 328-4380 today to request a residential landscaping quote.