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Landscape Irrigation

At Wild Magnolia Landscaping, we can create the perfect irrigation solution for your residential or commercial property.

Living in Houston, Texas means that your outdoor landscaping probably takes a beating throughout the year. Scorching temperatures and minimal rain—or the occasional destructive hurricane gales—can make it challenging to maintain healthy plants and keep your lawn thriving throughout the state’s hottest or stormiest months.

However, enlisting the services of a landscaping company like our team at Wild Magnolia Landscaping will be the difference between protecting your landscape investment or losing it. Installing a landscape irrigation system is the easiest, most efficient way to ensure that your plants and grass receive the proper amount of water to thrive throughout all seasons.

At Wild Magnolia Landscaping, we have helped hundreds of Houston customers create the perfect irrigation designs for their outdoor spaces. From design to installation to repair and maintenance, we’ll handle every aspect of your irrigation system expertly and efficiently.

If your business needs Landscape Irrigation done by professionals, contact Wild Magnolia today at (281) 328-4380.

Landscape Irrigation Services We Offer

At Wild Magnolia Landscaping, we have all of the certifications and licenses necessary to help you feel confident in our expertise and reliability. We are water conservation specialists and state-licensed irrigators and technicians, giving us the proper training to install functional, efficient, eco-friendly irrigation systems.

Our team is also Weathermatic-certified and proficient in Weathermatic, Baseline, WeatherTRAK, and all 2 Wire and ET-based systems.

Our state licensing and special certifications give us the skills necessary to handle any irrigation issues that come your way. Our specific landscape irrigation services include:

  • Design

    Crafting an irrigation system that creates precise water distribution zones, limits water runoff, and is tied in with proper drainage

  • Installation

    Assembling and laying all components to create an efficient, durable system

  • Repair

    Fixing functionality and design issues with your new or existing irrigation system

  • Maintenance

    Adjusting your watering levels and providing routine upkeep to ensure that your irrigation system lasts for years to come

We’re prepared to manage your irrigation system project from beginning to end and continue maintaining your system as long as you remain on your property.

Landscape Irrigation Installation & Repair

Landscape irrigation is a landscape watering system that ensures the even, thorough distribution of water throughout an outdoor space. Landscape irrigation systems are necessary to keep lawns, gardens, and custom landscape features healthy and lush from season to season.

However, the best landscape irrigation systems also promote water conservation. These systems deliver water to precise, targeted areas, limiting excess water usage and wasted water. Our expert irrigation technicians will examine your entire outdoor space and create zones that will deliver the perfect amount of water for each area.

At Wild Magnolia Landscaping, we go above and beyond to deliver innovative, high-tech irrigation solutions for our customers. For example, we often install rain sensors to detect rainfall and then adjust water distribution accordingly. We also install systems that utilize smart controllers to adjust watering for each zone.

All in all, an irrigation system can keep your landscaping looking fresh while conserving water and saving you money. Hiring a professional to design and install your system is essential to making the most out of your landscape irrigation.

Landscape Irrigation Installation
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Landscape Irrigation

At Wild Magnolia Landscaping, we value customer service and satisfaction as our highest priorities. Our reliable and honest services, commitment to quality, innovative irrigation solutions, and creative professionalism allow us to deliver the best landscaping services for customers across the Greater Houston area.

Contact us at Wild Magnolia Landscaping at (281) 328-4380 today for a landscape irrigation quote in or around Houston, TX.